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How is the ex-husband entitled to legal aid if he works full time and earned over 40k last year?
My ex husband was due in court yesterday for a pre trial hearing for breaching a restraining order he requested an adjournment due to still waiting for his legal aid? How is he entitled to legal aid he works full time earning just over 40k a year he had legal aid last year for his stalking case aswell and he was the one that pleaded not guilty in the magistrates court and HE requested it go to crown for a trial by jury why should these costs be covered surely he request this he should pay for it the matter could of been dealt with at magistrates court


22nd April 2022

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NQ - Breach if NMO qualifies for legal aid. Some minor offences he would need to pay for legal support - like speeding etc. A person has the choice to have a hearing at mags or by jury in crown. For the later they risk getting a heavier sentence if found guilty as this will be on indictment. How does he qualify? That’s part of the judicial system under UK law.

George Neal

22nd April 2022

NQ law student- legal aid doesn’t just work on income only. As George Neal rightly points out, certain cases qualify for legal aid regardless of earnings.

Mabel Dodge

22nd April 2022

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