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Is it a crime to masturbate in front of someone's window in England?
So I want some advice for a friend so I can inform her of what options she has. She is currently living alone in a house and her bedroom overlooks the neighbours house. This man has got into a routine of waiting till night, turning his lights on and masturbating in full view of her window while looking up. She has videos of it and it’s so shocking. He is married with kids and she obviously feels unsafe but also feels sorry for the wife. If she were to contact the authorities what is the likely process? Is it a crime? Does she have to file charges or is it possible the police can just go over and chat to him? Do her videos count against her? He literally waits until he knows she’s in her room, turns the kitchen lights on and stares up at her window. Obviously living alone she’s scared to take any action in case it escalates or gets nasty. Has anyone had a similar experience? Or can just explain the process to me so I can help her stop it. This is in the England.

Jacqueline Mahoney

19th October 2021



Top Answer
Yes I think that would probably be harassment, exposure contrary to s.66 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, and if he does it in full view of the public (so if one other person could have seen it, even if they didn’t actually look - so someone walking past) then that would be outraging public decency. It is the fact he deliberately waits for her to appear and looks at her whilst he does the deed that does it in for him (and does it for him I guess) - hard to say “oh I was just having a wank at home I didn’t realise anyone could see me, my bad”. You do not really press charges here - you simply tell the police and they do the investigation. Since there is video then that should be fairly straightforward.

Patricia Garcia

11th February 2022



As another poster has suggested, report it to the Police ASAP and get your friend to check all her doors, windows etc... are secure and she keeps them secure. Get her to stress to the Police she wants this dealing with as anonymously as possible as well. I also recommend getting some cheap net curtain and putting it up in all her windows so he can't see in. Cheap and nasty will do and can possibly be attached temporarily with sellotape to keep costs down. She should be aware that if it's lighter inside the room than outside people will be able to see in through the net curtain. If the property doesn't have a panic button attached to a house alarm or similar I'd also recommend she gets a rape alarm so she has a way to deter him and summon help if for example he comes knocking on her door.

Madeline Mccarthy

11th February 2022



Couple of problems here. By the sound of it she is the only one who is witness to this and then only if she looks out of her window and down into his kitchen. She has filmed it, which considering he could argue he has a right to some privacy by not being filmed in his own home, could cause her problems. (Note, I once asked the police if I could show them evidence of my bank letter in my neighbours house could they talk to him, they said not to film it as they could then get me in trouble.) Can you prove he is looking into her window? Is he just looking up whilst in the throes of pleasure? He can argue that is all he is doing and that he likes to wank in his kitchen and that he didn't think anyone was watching as no casual passersby could see. He could turn it around on her. So she needs to speak to the police first. Explain the situation, do not admit to filming him, and ask their advice. Then decide what to do.

Mary Bartoszek

11th February 2022



Inform the police and have them waiting in her apartment at the right time for him to appear. This needs to be taken seriously in case his behaviour escalates- the sooner he is stopped the better.

Rosamond Miller

11th February 2022



Pop a well worded letter around to the wife, alerting her to tell her husband that he is easily seen from her window whilst masturbating looking at their house. Act like a concerned neighbour just looking out for his privacy, I trust a wife will do more to shut that shit down than the police. Even mark the letter as if it's from someone else talking on behalf of OP. Do not leave out the fact the girl can see him. Even if it's jealousy fueled that gets the wife to act, plus disgust doing that shit in the kitchen, the better. People like this know others are nervous to contact police. A direct "attack" at their personal bubble if far scarier to them as it's ballsy. Their now not the only one here invading another's space. Plus report it to the non emergency police line.

Joseph Samuels

11th February 2022



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