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Is it legal for a boss to stop tips to pay for shortages in stock?
I’m juts a regular bar staff and we have a boss and 4 duty managers Anyways the main boss every now and then will put a notice printed in the staff room saying things like: ‘We are down on the following: Half litre vodka 4 bottles of becks beer 0.25 gun 0.25 rose wine Etc etc I have stopped tips to pay for this until stocks improve’ Surely this is illegal?

Aaron Romero

19th October 2021



Top Answer
According to the UK government website the government has made it illegal to withhold tips from employees,so yes it is indeed illegal

Betty Alteri

11th February 2022

No, it's completely legal. It's true that the law ~~is set~~ was proposed to change with regard to tips, but it hasn't changed yet. ~~Possibly later this year.~~ Edit: Turns out my information was out of date!

Joyce Bragg

11th February 2022



Its legal, but a good indicator to find a new job when your boss is using your money to cover his business wastage expenses.

Betty Lovell

11th February 2022


your boss seems to be implying theft or damages. In pizza express; we had a manager who would drink a glass of wine after every evening and that added up to stock losses.

Billy Sylvester

11th February 2022

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