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Is it legal for a landlord to evict a tenant with only two days notice?
NQ. I am being evicted in 2 days time due to my landlady selling the property. I was given a section 21 at the beginning of July to leave on 27th August. She allowed me to stay until completion which is this Friday. I filled in a homeless application to my borough council who have said that I’m not eligible for emergency housing. I’m 57 years old with severe anxiety and depression due to an abusive 37 year marriage breakup. I lost my home, my job everything. I feel very vulnerable as I will now have to sleep in my car. Could you please tell me if this is legally correct. Thank you

Katherine Kowalski

14th March 2022



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NQ - no this is not correct at all. Firstly, your section 21 is invalid as at the time it was 4 months notice to give tenants. Also, a landlord cannot end a tenancy, only a tenant can end it or a court. The council will not house you as you are not being evicted by a court in 2 days and if you leave you will be making yourself intentionally homeless. Please don't panic. Call somewhere like shelter for advice.

Duncan Riffe

14th March 2022



NQ - housing officer The above statements are correct Do not leave the property until she takes you to court. If she changes the locks then you need to call environmental health as it’s a illegal eviction Did you pay a deposit? Was it protected? If not she also will have to start from scratch and give you new notice etc

Keith Owen

14th March 2022



NQ - check on shelter to see if she has also provided everything I.e has safety cert if not its an illegal eviction. Please don't leave your home before the court orders it

Patrick Brady

14th March 2022

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NQ, ex homelessness officer. Above is correct. S. 21 notice is incorrect, therefore court will not grant eviction. Landlord has legal duty to complete with tenants in situ. If they wish to evict they (or new owner/ landlord) must give correct s. 21 notice along with gas safety certificates and proof the deposit was protected. Without all 3 things in situ eviction is illegal and as such cannot go ahead on Friday, as there is no court order. You will more than likely be given higher priority from the local authority once a court has granted eviction and you have an eviction date.

Janice Baker

14th March 2022



NQ- housing can help you to look for a new private landlord.

James Lopez

14th March 2022

NQ- Do not leave the property! Stay until she evicts you and once you go to court then you will be housed properly

Maxine Jesse

14th March 2022


NQ Katherine Kowalski did you manage to resolve this?

Janice Baker

15th March 2022


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