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Is it legal for a man to keep randomly cleaning the windows at the front of a house and demanding payment?
For a few years now a man keeps turning up randomly and cleaning the windows at the front of the house. And leaving his note saying he's cleaned them. Then he comes back at a random time and demands you pay him £50 for it. Now at first my family payed him between £10 and £20, cause he still did a job and it's nice to pay someone for their work. But then it kept happening. Eventually on one random time he came he was asked not to, and not to come back. He got really annoyed but left. And we thought that was that However 5 months later he returned. And despite being asked again he keeps coming back at irregular intervals. He never announces his arrival. He never asks if we want them done. He just does it, then demands payment. Is there anything we can do legally about this man? Edit;t: We haven't paid him since he was told to not do it. That's about 4 years now. It hasn't stopped him. Edit 2: There's no contract. He wasn't hired to do it. He's been asked to stop several times. He shows up randomly to do it and to demand payment.

Jennifer Godwin

8th October 2021



Top Answer
Don't pay him. He'll either 1. Claim against you in court (unlikely) 2. Get aggressive 3. Never come again If he claims against you, just respond with what you've said here. If he appears to get aggressive, lock your door and call 999. Do not wait for him to escalate You may also find your local authority licenses window cleaners. Certainly here in Fife they do. You could contact the licensing team and make them aware of these incidents.

Rhonda Cochran

4th February 2022



Don't pay him. He's not going to come back if you don't keep paying him - problem solved.

Sandra Allen

4th February 2022

Put a sign in every window saying “no window cleaners”, see how he reacts haha

Margaret Harrill

4th February 2022



So he's been cleaning your windows for nothing for 4 year's that's extremely unusual i would be careful about speaking to him directly he doesn't sound very stable you could contact the police and tell them about his behaviour i would personally be very concerned about a man consently coming to my house after he's been instructed not to and working without payment.

Brendon Ramsey

4th February 2022



Ideally you need to catch him in the act then you can call the police non emergency number. Very strange behaviour but I bet a lot of people pay him.

Minnie Lira

4th February 2022



Next time he comes reiterate that you didn't ask for the service, and that you won't be paying for any cleaning he does at your property. I've been running a window cleaning company for ~12 years now and it's fairly rare that we go down the small claims route. More often than not, the customer still doesn't pay, and we just end up further out of pocket. This guy doesn't sound like he is running a proper business anyway so it's highly unlikely he'll go down the court route. In the meantime, you're getting some free cleaning.

Beatrice Leslie

4th February 2022



It sounds to me like this is possibly a tactic on his part? He goes around cleaning windows no one asked him to do - then subsequently asks for payment. Whats the betting that most houses react similar to how you reacted and just pay him because he had done the job. You can imagine a lot of older people perhaps feeling obligated to pay. He probably keeps on doing the same to lots of other houses and maybe has figured out he can make a decent living this way even if only 70% of the houses he cleans actually pay? He probably has your house marked as a “maybe” on his list because of the first few times you paid him so just keeps trying till you cave in? Maybe post on the local facebook / Nextdoor app to check if he is doing it to anyone else?

Steven Glass

4th February 2022



He's charging £50 for a £15 service, if only half the people pay then he's still £10 up on every job

Carlos Grant

4th February 2022



My concern would be how many other people is he doing this to to maintain an interest in coming back. Others may be paying under duress. Question to others with more knowledge, could trading standards or council help? At least go into a police station and ask.

Jama Spannaus

4th February 2022



After four years, I think it's unlikely that it's a scam. Unfortunately it's more likely that he has a mental conditio. My advice would be to advise him that he's trespassing on your property when he next arrives, and report it to the police online, most forces have a form for reporting issues like this. Next time he arrives, call 101/999 to report the trespass and they'll turn up. Chances are they might even know him.