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Is it legal for a manager to report an employee for taking a break to dry off?
Last Friday I came into work, did 2 deliveries, came back from doin 2nd delivery and my trousers were wet, so took my waterproofs off n they had rips in, so I stood in front of heater tryna dry off so I could get back to work, warehouse manager walks in and asks me to get back to work, I said "yeah in bout 10 mins, I'm just drying off" she says OK I've got no choice to report ya to management so I say fine, do it, if they don't want me drying off then they should've provided me with what I needed 3 months ago and if they don't like it they can go suck my ding a ling. So warehouse manager n colleague went off on one, me n colleague were in break room n she was bollocking me for what i said, so I passed her my key and helmet n said go do my job, go do deliveries without the proper gear, oh she dint like that at all so she threw my helmet across room so I got all my stuff, my heater, extension lead etc and clocked out n came home. Any legal help or advice bout this would be appreciated, only been there 3 months

Charlene Carter

4th April 2022



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NQ: speak to ACAS or citizens advice as they should be providing you with correct health and safety equipment for you to wear.

Jessica Layne

4th April 2022

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NQ - but management. From what you have stated, it seems you have been quite aggressive. With you saying ‘suck my ding a ling’ in surprised you weren’t sacked for gross misconduct. You could have handled things better, and been calmer, but you have made a rod for your own back. You have been there less than 2 years, so employers can get rid of you with no reason anyway.

Jerry Domingues

4th April 2022



NQ - I wouldn’t waste anytime looking at legal avenues and find yourself a new job.

Kevin Corson

4th April 2022



NQ. You’ve been there less than 2 years so I’d say you are fired. You have no legal recourse really based on what you’ve said. On a non legal advice bit… fair play mate they sound like right idiots so move on and find something better.

Ann Lavertue

4th April 2022



Nq none of the above goes by the rules admin

Larry Mccullough

4th April 2022



NQ - once you’re safely in a new job make an official complaint to the Health & Safety Executive

Calvin Principe

4th April 2022


NQ - I think the only route you can take would be them not giving you the correct uniform/ equipment for your job IF it is in your contract for them to provide. As you have been there for under 2 years, it is more than likely they will just let you go anyway and you don’t really have any legal avenue to follow with this. If you do, they could counteract because of your “suck my ding a ling” comment.

Michel Patterson

4th April 2022



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