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Is it legal for a nurse to send messages to someone they know has filed a complaint against them?
I wonder if anyone could advise if there is anything i can do legally. I put in a complaint about a nurse that broke confidentiality and passed on personal information to someone that they shouldn’t of. This nurse has found me on Facebook and has sent me messages re the complaint. The last sentence of her message says she cant put what she really thinks of me because she would get arrested. (She is no longer employed by the company that we put the complaint into) Is there anything i can do re the messages im getting - i haven’t replied to them

Faye Johnson

22nd April 2022



Top Answer
NQ if she is a registered nurse contact the NMC and lodge a formal complaint. They can in some cases revoke her registration. Also if you think she is threatening you go to the police

Crystal Duran

22nd April 2022


NQ - this would likely fall under your complaint. Is your complaint soley to the company or have you made a NMC complaint against them?

David Carroll

22nd April 2022

NQ senior healthcare experience- report to the NMC. Breach of data protection and confidentiality can be pursed as a criminal offence to as I understand from working on similar HR cases And yes don’t reply just save the messages

Edwin Westcott

22nd April 2022

Nq but law degree. Snap shot the messages and keep a copy of them. Then block her. Continue to keep a record of any correspondence so you can add this to the complaint.

Angelique Vaness

22nd April 2022


NQ-NHS EMPLOYEE. That sounds like a veiled threat, so I’d suggest contacting the police. Also the NMC.

Priscilla Henry

22nd April 2022



NQ former matron report her to NMC for harassment and contact the police

Marcia Duran

22nd April 2022



Prefix all comments with your qualifications or NQ


22nd April 2022

NQ- registered nurse. Keep the messages and use as evidence to add to your existing complaint. Report to NMC as this breaches code of contact as well. Good luck hope you are ok.

Michael Stark

22nd April 2022



NQ - Registered nurse. Screenshot all of the relevant messages and the original complaint and report it to our governing body, the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council). This breaches our code of conduct. Once you've screenshotted all the messages block her profile so she can no longer contact you. I'm sorry this has happened to you.

Bruce Cromwell

22nd April 2022

Nq . Get in touch with information commissioners office they deal with data breaches and govern what is legal etc.

Otis Adams

22nd April 2022

Nq but work for the police, depending on what she messaged can be deemed as a malicious communications offence. Call 101 and seek advice

Helen Messner

22nd April 2022


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