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Is it legal for a plumber to do a job and then not come back to fix it when they say they will?
Hi, I had a plumber out early December last year, he advertised online. It was a minor problem with the toilet overflow constantly leaking outside. He came and said he had sorted it and charged me £40. Within an hour I had to call him back as water was leaking in my bathroom and through my kitchen ceiling. He did come back and removed what he had done. (He raised the pipe in the cistern so water kept rising). He said he would come back and replace the ballcock etc but he just dosent come out, I’ve messaged him and now he’s ignoring me. Turns out he’s created havoc in another ladies house too, he’s obviously not an actual plumber surely as his mistakes are really silly ones. Any ideas please?

Lorenzo Pollard

29th March 2022

Top Answer
NQ. But have been stung by rouge tradesmen. Start with Trading Standards & report to them. If you google you will find you can email them direct rather than go through CAB.

Jesse Holmes

29th March 2022


Builder. As above speak to trading standards, they will advise. You have to give the original contractor the opportunity to put his work right, if he refuses or fails you are within your rights to call another plumber to rectify, you can then claim the invoice of 2nd contractor back from the original contractor - but if he refuses will involve small claims court. The original contractor is also liable for the damage incurred too. Email/text the original contractor explaining the situation and how you propose to move forward (claims etc) with advice taken from Trading Standards. Downside is you’ve probably employed the cheapest guy who has not given you any paperwork and worked for cash? thus the onus of proof is on you if he denies everything. If the damage is negligible I’d be inclined to cut my losses & learn from it, which is frustrating as cowboys need to be held accountable, but is it worth the hassle & stress for £40?

Clarence Conrad

29th March 2022


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