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Is it legal for a roofer to demand payment for work not done?
Not specifically about bailiffs but interested in others perspective. Initially agreed to hire someone to mend our roof leak, agreed on a price of £2,100. They came to do the work, started pulling it up and then before doing the work they told me it was worse than they originally thought and would now cost £3,500. (I was already put off by the fact the person quoted me did not turn up and 2 other people on different days showed up with loads of different numbers to contact etc, didn’t fill me with confidence). So I asked them not to continue as the price is far higher than originally quoted and I’d need to speak to my insurance to see if I’m covered as £3,500 is a lot to pay out. Anyway, turns out my insurance wouldn’t cover it but I managed to get another roofer to look at it, who I knew was respected and he said it would cost £2,500 to sort and the other roofers had actually sabotaged the roof by leaving a big hole in it. The initial roofers who I asked not to continue are demanding £500 for the lost day of work and the materials they say they bought specific for my job. It’s a standard flat roof so I doubt the materials can only be used on one job… I’ve already paid the other roofer to do the job and they have not done any work on my property besides ripping a hole in the roof. They covered it up with a sheet also but they were at my house for no longer than 2 hours before I got back and they told me it would cost more. Obviously there’s no contract and no work done so I’m just wondering if I’m right not to pay them? I personally think they were trying to scam me anyway and don’t believe they were part of a legitimate business. I believe I have a right to decide against work being done before it’s done?

Frank Cornell

3rd April 2022

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NQ I had a very similar problem with an alleged roofer. I went a little further and took him to the small claims court for poor work and won my case. Do not pay them and if you have any photographs of how they left your roof, you can use them as evidence. I had to get an independent surveyors report completed for court purposes, but I also got awarded cost. Good luck.

Marc Burch

3rd April 2022

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