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Is it legal for a second-hand dealership to sell a car without the V5?
My mum went to look at a car in a second hand dealership. She liked itx they offered her part exchange for her old car, after a relentless pitch trying to upsell various products and services, signed all the paperwork and then transferred the money to pay for the car, minus the part exchange amount. They then told her that they didn't have the V5, which they told us when we booked the "appointment" they would check all paperwork is in order. As it was after 7pm, Yadda Yadda she had to return to collect the car today/tomorrow. Mum was pretty annoyed as we had travelled an hour to see the car, and only after it was sold were we told they didn't have the paperwork which meant she could drive it hom yesterday, and they only informed her after she bought the car. She really wasn't impressed by how insistant the salesman was after she refused multiple times and because of the stunt with the V5 it's put her off the car. Are we ok just to demand our money back, or that they at least cover the cost of fuel as we need to return to collect the car because of their mistakes? We are in walesz dealership in England

Patrick Thomas

19th October 2021



Top Answer
I'm pretty sure that comes under false advertising It's actually, pretty much the definition of what you've described.

April Mize

11th February 2022



If it’s a dealership, it’s unusual that they don’t have the V5. There’s a chance that they might not actually own the car. It may be worth checking with the DVLA or police if the vehicle has been reported stolen?

Vennie Alves

11th February 2022



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