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Is it legal for people to take pictures of your house without permission?
ENGLAND Massive first world problem, admittedly. I recently purchased a house which, in influencer vernacular, is located in a particularly 'instagrammable' area of London. As I try my best to live beneath a rock and ignore the evolution of pop culture, I did not realise this when I signed along the dotted line. If I had, I can honestly say that I wouldn't have brought the property. We have lived here for about three months now and every single weekend there are multiple instances of people climbing our front steps up to the door and then posing in front of it. My wife, who works from home, tells me that this is a pretty regular occurrence on weekdays too. In short, it is becoming a complete and utter nuisance. I have two small children, and there have been various times when shepparding them out of the house, I've opened the door to find people posing on the porch. The ballsiness of it that really gets me. If my front door opened immediately onto the street, I would be more understanding - the lack of a delineation between public and private property being a source of confusion. However, there is a fence, a gate (which is always closed) and then a flight of steps leading up to the front door. In short, it is extremely clear where the road ends and my property begins. I am in the process of taking measures to make our house less 'instagrammable'. We are due to have the front-door and windows repainted from their pastel blue to a rather dull and boring white. Hopefully, this means that they will pick on other houses. Ultimately, if there is no legal or practical solution, I think we will give very serious thought to selling the property and buying something in a location where this is not so much of an issue. I am also in the process of getting legal opinions on this matter and to that end, for the sake of variety, figured that putting a post up on reddit wouldn't harm at all. Thanks in advance.

Kimberly Wagner

25th August 2022



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Tried putting a lock on the gate?

William Kelly

31st December 2021



Polite notice of being private property?

Laura Duffy

31st December 2021



Draw a dickbutt in the corner of a door? Or have a motion-sensor light that shines out if someone is on your steps, making the photos crap? I’d be interested in the psychology of this actually, and I think putting a box to charge entrance would just stop a lot of people as they wouldn’t want to ‘cheat’ or pay. Or if they were mainly Chinese then put a Winnie the Poo meme or Free Tibet sign up. But if I was in the sort of job where I could afford a nice house in Notting Hill and had kids I doubt I have the time to faff about and just want it sorted. Book selling is hard work in this Amazon-dominated environment!

Jennifer Lovett

31st December 2021



"Beware of Dog" sign

Kathy Martin

31st December 2021



There's a [lot of it about]( :-(

Katrina Mclean

31st December 2021



Not legal advice but if a lot of them use flash then I do have a partial solution: a slave flash (you can pick them up cheap on eBay, they trigger when they see another flash fire). You mount it above your front door. Then whenever they take a photo with flash the flash will flash back at the camera and ruin the shot.

Katrina Mclean

31st December 2021



How are they getting on to the drive? Maybe a sign to say trespassers will be prosecuted or some very obvious barbed wire running the length of the gate to deter them

Jayne Ferguson

31st December 2021



Use it as an opportunity to make some money out of it? Like a jar with ‘tips’ , you can then donate to charity and keep your front neat. :-)

Lloyd Strand

31st December 2021


May I suggest the Invader 2000?: [](

Lois Rieger

31st December 2021



Did someone famous own it before you? I find it odd why people would want to take a picture infront of a random house.