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Is it legal to take action against your wife for delaying the divorce process?
My wife has been saying the months that the current divorce process we are going through has been causing her emotional issues. But as of the 4th March she has been able to apply for the decree absolute but has yet to do so. It is causing me issues in my well-being. Am I able to to take legal action against her for I feel she is delaying this on purpose as to manipulate me and it’s affecting my mental health.


12th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ no you can't. You need to wait 3 months if you are the respondent and if she hasn't filed by then you can but you will need to pay a fee. The process would have been explained to you in the paperwork so you just need to cool your heels and wait. For all you know she has already filed the absolute and its sat with the court to be done. But equally she may opt to delay applying to get any finances sorted

Jeanne Metts

12th April 2022

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