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Is it necessary to appoint a Barrister for a final hearing in court with regards to family law?
Is it normal for law firms to appoint Barristers for a final hearing in court with regards to family law. I've been told a Barrister can be appointed at a cost of £1500 for the hearing. My question is, is it really necessary as I'm already up to my eyeballs in debt from this and could do without the extra on top?

Ashley Mcneil

20th March 2022

Top Answer
NQ - some solicitors won’t have a right of audience in the courtroom and so cannot represent you in court which is why a barrister would usually take this on. When I was in family court I was given a list of barristers and their fee and was able to choose which to represent me, not sure if it is standard practice to be given a choice. Alternatively, you can decide to represent yourself in court as a litigant in person (LIP), there are a lot of support groups out there that can help with preparing for court, but in my experience, the knowledge and expertise of a barrister are invaluable 😕

Kathryn Keenan

20th March 2022

NQ: I was a litigant in person for all of my hearings. Ex had a lawyer and a barrister for every hearing. We both had a chance to talk, we both for the same outcome. What I am trying to say, family courts are not evidence based like criminal courts so it's pointless going on about about one's ex, for instance. So it's vital that one gets some legal advice like free legal clinic or pro bono. But if you are able to keep calm, you're good to go. Even if faced with unbelievable obstacle from the other party, if there is not safeguarding concerns, court would give both parents access to children. It can be gradual but it's certain. Parents would save themselves lots of money of they knew how family courts work. And back to your question: Some lawyers don't want to act in court, they prefer to engage a barrister. If I were you, I'd rather do it myself or fire my lawyer and emply barrister myself directly. You can do paperwork yourself, but barrister would accompany you to the court room.

Lowell Steffen

20th March 2022

Solicitor ( no longer in practice). The answer to your question is yes, most solicitors will appoint a barrister to appear for you in court at the final hearing in the family court. Barristers usually have much more experience of acting as advocates in court than do solicitors and often it can be cheaper for you to pay for a fixed fee for a barrister, rather than a hourly rate for a solicitor

Carol Lewis

20th March 2022

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