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Is it necessary to report a car accident to the police if there are no injuries?
Hi, I was recently in a car accident where a teenager ran out in the road without looking and I didn't manage to stop in time and hit her, she is completely fine and I made her ring her mum and she came and said that everything was OK, this has truly traumatised me to the point I cannot sleep or eat and all I see is her hitting my bonnet, I have recently been advised by a friend that I need to report this to the police as this was a road accident, is this the case ? If so how do I go about this and how will this affect me? I am in such a dark place right now and I don't know how to handle this. I have a witness who has provided his number just incase of anything.


3rd April 2022



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NQ Do you have a dash cam recording of what happened?

Jennifer Chung

3rd April 2022

Nq, I would suggest you contact your local police for advice. Do you have the girls contact detail? if yes, for a safe side please do ask her to seek medical care and have a full body check up as you don’t know there could be internal damage.

Pamela Robicheaux

3rd April 2022

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NQ you need to report an RTC with injuries. If mum has come and said all is OK and taken her home then it’s plausible to assume that there are no injuries. If you are struggling please speak to your GP. All the best.

Tamela Sooter

3rd April 2022

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NQ. How long ago did this happen? Did you exchange details? If not, the accident should be notified to police within 24 hours. To be on the safe side, and to put your mind at ease, I would contact the police asap and let them know what’s happened and explain why you didn’t initially report it. Also let your insurance company know.

Carol Flores

3rd April 2022

NQ you should inform the Police and also your insurance company immediately.

Annie Wade

3rd April 2022

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