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Is it normal for a CEO to message an employee directly to check if their work is done?
Work - I was in hospital twice due to exhaustion in the past month, I work as a recruiter remotely, with very unrealistic deadlines sometimes overnight or even as short as 10 min to one hour for a replacement sometimes in remote places of the UK. I work sometimes overnight (unpaid) and wake up sometimes at 4 am to make sure staff are on their way, I also must check people in on WhatsApp groups, sometimes they finish very late 11-12 pm and I must be available in case of emergency, I found myself unable to go for dinner, and sleeping in the sofa, as I have no time even to walk my dog, I also had therapy for anxiety (one hour per week) and I had a lot of problems getting this hour, I usually get called by my boss during it and was asked to “ log it” so it’s unpaid. I’m scared all the time my boss will message me upset if I don’t do something as she messages about everything all the time even if I done things or in the middle of doing them . I also have a immediate manager who manages me and he is wonderful to work with but I’m unsure why the CEO of the company messages me directly to check constantly if my work is done and puts a lot of pressure on me sometimes as late as 1 am or 6 am .Sunday to Sunday. Today (Sunday-unpaid) the CEO messaged me in the morning and called me very agitated to tell me why have I not checked someone in ? (I had - they have covid and I was in the middle of looking for a replacement so was my immediate boss) she then send me a lot of messages stating “ she was very angry” “unhappy with me “ and Stating she never had this kind of issues with “x and y” (X and Y are new employers(2 weeks) as the former ones quit due to her cruel treatment of staff. I do not know what to do or how to move forward As I do not want to be abused or overworked to the point of going to hospital, I’m suppose to be off yet I’m still working, I am responsible for a family and unable to quit. I’m happy to work with my immediate manager but not my CEO, I’m always scared she will fire me if I don’t answer the phone or reply . However when she is off sick everything runs smoothly in the office (not just me ) all employees seem really relaxed and efficient on their tasks. Any advice greatly appreciated.


24th April 2022

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