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Is it normal for a landlord to cancel a plumber when tenants report a noise coming from the pipes?
Good evening. We are currently renting and a couple of months ago we noticed a loud noise was coming from both our bathrooms. We figured it’s something to do with the pipes inside of our walls, but whatever it is, it only seems to be getting louder and it’s keeping us up at night. The only solution seems to be to keep a tap running overnight, which is a terrible waste of water and is costing us lots of money. When I spoke to the estate agent they said it’s not an emergency and if it’s the pipes it’s a huge fix, but they did arrange for a plumber to come out. Then completely out of nowhere, the estate agent calls me to say the landlord has cancelled the plumber, this is what he said: “the outside guttering down pipe rattles in its clips. It has always done it since I bought the house but only when the wind is coming from a certain direction. Unfortunately it’s up really high and completely out of reach hence why I’ve never been able to fix it” First of all it’s very clear to us this noise is not coming from outside and has nothing to do with the gutter nor is it affected by the wind. We’ve lived here for over a year and the noise only started a couple of months ago and is only getting worse. I will be in contact with the estate agent tomorrow, but in the mean time I’m looking for some advice. Would anyone be able to tell me if this needs to be fixed or if we’re basically screwed? They’re saying it’s not an emergency which we understand but we are so tired and just want to be able to have a normal night of sleep again without having to let the tap run. We don’t know what to do anymore and we’re hoping someone can give us some advice.

Beth Carney

16th March 2022

Top Answer
Llm graduate- call a plumber yourself to do an inspection then give that report to the estate agent snd if landlord still refuses to take action you can contact the environmental health department at your local council for help.

Kelly Graham

16th March 2022



Nq . Have you sent this video to the landlord and agent ?definitely not outside

James Bly

16th March 2022

NQ. Property maintenance engineer. This noise is water hammer. This caused by either the Solenoid in the shower if it’s electric. Or the diaphragm on the toilet. Email your letting agent to say that you will have a independent plumber assess the issue. If there is no fault you will pay the bill. If there is a issue you will forward the invoice to them. Then ask them to reply and confirm this is ok within so many days.

Marilyn Kendrick

16th March 2022


NQ. Heating engineer. You need to find out when this happens. When the heating is on or off? After flushing the toilet? To me on a phone speaker it sounds like a central heating pump failing or even a thermostatic radiator valve vibrating. Once you can establish when this noise occurred you can work out who needs to be sent out.

Steven Williford

17th March 2022

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