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Is it okay to contact an abusive ex in order to retrieve belongings?
Posting for a friend... Currently in refuge but finally has temporary house accommodation. She has no belongings purely a few clothes that friends have given her. Ask them... Am I allowed to unblock and contact my abusive ex to try to agree about how and where and if I can send people to collect all my and the childrens furniture and all belongings whilst Im in a temporary house. Ex partner completed the perpetrator's course 4 months ago and the case was closed. No molestation order has ever been in place. When he was released police called me and asked if he can call me I said that he can contact me regarding children and there were no concerns but refuge workers told me to block him after I came to the refuge a few days later and don't get into contact with him at all. So I don't have any contact with him at the moment. I don't even know if he still rent that property at all.

Andy Cogliano

15th March 2022

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Midwife - deal with women and da Although from what you state, there appears to be no legal reason to unblock the ex, your friend needs to consider the personal reasons. I would probably suggest that a trusted member of her family or a friend who can remain impartial make the contact. I would also suggest speaking to children's services to arrange supervised contact or a drop off contact with the children so the ex doesn't find out where your friend lives. If your friend insists on making their own contact, then I suggest a dedicated mobile phone, a simple one, for text and calls only. People dont go into refuges lightly and the transition after leaving needs to be just as serious

Carl Brandt

15th March 2022


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