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Is it possible that a rear-end shunt could cause engine failure?
Not sure if anyone will help but not sure where else to ask. I was in a rear end shunt RTA yesterday, I was the one that was hit, since the accident my car has no power and "engine failure" has come up on the dash, the insurance are probably going to write it off due to the cars value, is it possible the accident caused the engine failure or is it pure coincidence I'm just wondering if I need to tell them about it because the car is literally not worth a penny now

Clifton Rudish

23rd April 2022

Top Answer
NQ- I think you need to speak to a mechanic for this

George Cohen

23rd April 2022

Legal Assistant- as Jill points out, only a mechanic can diagnose if the engine issue is related to the collision. If the car is going to be written off anyway, I’m not sure why the engine issue would make a difference.

Mabel Dodge

23rd April 2022

NQ legally (mechanic) - it's possible, but you'd need to have the issue diagnosed to know for sure.

Barbara Riddick

23rd April 2022

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