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Is it possible to find out if a car has had its engine replaced?
Hi i need some advice please, i bought a car from a garage nearly a year ago, had to take it in a few times as wouldn't go in gears, sorted that out as i took it to another garage to have clutch and dual master fly wheel done, but when the mechanic looked he said it looks like a scrap yard engine, it had all yellow markings on, also behind the drive shaft there is a bracket welded, he is 100% sure it's not the original engine and i can't seem to find the engine number, there's only yellow writing on top. I took it to the garage i bought it from and they said the engine is fine and if it was a different engine the person before them must have done and they had no knowledge of this, is there any way of finding out either way thank you


18th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ (Motor trade) there should be an engine number on it somewhere, they're not always easy to find. If you can find it you can compare it to the engine number on the v5. If the engine has been replaced then whoever did it should have had the v5 updated with the new number but often people don't bother. Can I ask why it's an issue that the engine has been replaced? Engines get changed for a variety of reasons and it's not necessarily something to worry about.

Barbara Riddick

18th April 2022

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