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Is it possible to get a holding deposit back if the landlord dies before signing a lease?
Hi all, I recently paid a holding deposit for a flat I wanted to rent. The landlord tragically died before we could sign the lease. I called the agent to ask what is happening now (who the new landlord will be, whether the new landlord or agency would manage the flat, whether the flat is going to be sold, etc.). The agent didn’t know the answer to any of my questions (fair enough) and immediately told me that I wouldn’t be getting my holding deposit back (I didn’t ask) and then later called me the wrong name via email to add insult to injury — the whole thing gave me bad vibes. Despite what the agent said, I’m wondering if there actually is any way to get the holding deposit back now if I decide not to go forward with the lease. Honestly, I’m willing to lose it if necessary because I really don’t want to do business with this agency anymore, but of course I’d rather have my money back if I can get it. Thanks in advance!


7th April 2022

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Nq- as it is circumstances not in your control you should get it back

Lorene Vandam

7th April 2022

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NQ- previous property manager- yes this is yours to be returned, they should have given it back within 7 days. Here is some information about Holding Deposits, shelter are a good contact if you need advice on getting it back. https:// england.shelter. housing_advice/ tenancy_deposits / holding_deposits

Linda Pratt

7th April 2022


NQ. The holding deposit is in case you back out and not if something outside of your control is stopping you from going ahead.

Kay Neal

7th April 2022

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