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Is it possible to terminate a purchase lease option contract early?
Unfair contract terms? ⭐️ Purchase Lease Options Contract My husband has been party to the above for 3years. and wishes to terminate and recover his initial investment. In July 2019 (approx 2.5 years ago), he invested in property for the first time ever and signed a purchase lease option contract for 5 tenanted properties over a 13 year term, because the aim was to gain cash flow immediately. 2 years into the contract, things have not progressed very well at all. There has been an eviction, abandoned properties, rental arrears and numerous repairs. He also found that he was contractually obligated to only use the homeowner's letting agent and maintenance team. In conclusion, He feels that the contract was misleading and not at all fair and unbalanced. He just would like to know his options with regards to terminating this entire contract. Thank you in advance.

Chad Little

13th March 2022

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NQ, you won’t be able to get the proper advice without people reading the contract. Did you not have a solicitor go through the terms with your husband?

James Mullins

13th March 2022

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