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Is it unreasonable to expect a refund or compensation from a salon if you are unhappy with your haircut and color?
Hello I need an advice.i went for a color and haircut to the hairdresser,I had a long hairs that reached below my arms.i asked for a long pixie cut like the one on the screenshot and this is what I was left with... I had to rush out of the appointment cause my husband was already lat for work. I attach picture of my hair color before as well. I was devastated and my husband went there for a refund and they only gave him half cause they say color is not happy with it as well cause I look almost grey/ I asking too much??what can I do?I'm almost bald😭😭 Update: that's was high end salon... and I was going there for few years for highlights only and it was good work,my usual stylist was off and I was with a different one that supposedly has the same experience lvl ....I was there today and they did refund me all the money back and booked me in for saturday to fix the cut and consult fix color. I don't know if I should let them or tell them I want them to cover the cost of the fix at other hairdresser? But I dont know any good one and at this stage I'm scared of anyone with the not sure if they will even agree to that.

Hector Snider

22nd March 2022



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NQ I'm so sorry this happened to you ❤ I can not believe this was done by a qualified hairdresser have you asked them if the person who's done this was fully trained and qualified? They absolutely should be putting this right. Did they skin test you 48 hours before your colour service? The salon have insurance for when things go wrong but I would insist that they correct this cut or if your not comfortable with that then ask for their insurance details and call them up and speak to someone xx

Thomas Tirado

22nd March 2022



Llm graduate colouring is a difficult one because not everyone is going to come out the same colour. However they should have warned you about this before hand. You should be able to get them to rectify the cut though - perhaps you should go in an speak to them yourself.

Kelly Graham

22nd March 2022

NQ. Did u attend a fully insured salon? If so they will have insurance in place…

Lauren Layman

22nd March 2022

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NQ but fully qualified colour technician. The colour is wrong. Clearly on the picture shown the undercut has been left natural. And yours is a whole head. But most importantly is the actual cut. I'm sorry but it's dreadfull. And your options are to grow it out or to have cut shorter. I would personally go to another salon and ask for a quote for a colour correction and cut. It will likely cost more to correct then you paid in the 1st place. Especially a colour correction. Then I would go back to the original salon and ask them for the amount it will cost you to get corrected. Hope this helps x

Gilbert Swelgart

22nd March 2022



NQ- stylist! Jeez! OK... Go back and explain in person. Don settle for a refund, but a full correction. Warning, leave colourant for at least two weeks before agreeing more colourant on top, you also need to be aware that colourant on top of colourant may also damage hair. you may need hair repair treatments moving forward. I would request the management look after you fully and correct everything for free or claim for the cost of getting it corrected else where. Can you prove who did it? Photos of stylist chopping your hair or colouring it?

Jenifer Clevenger

22nd March 2022


NQ - but have dealt with a few claims before due to negligence. It doesn’t matter who cut or coloured your hair the salon is responsible and they will have insurance to compensate you. I also would not be going back to this salon but go to another reputable salon to get a quote for what it would cost to rectify your cut and colour. I would then write a letter to the salon manager claiming negligence due to hair loss - please see this website below for more information. There should be some template letters you can use to help. If they are not willing to at the very least refund and compensate you for a correction I would also be getting trading standards involved also. Good luck and hope you get it sorted. https:// www.hairdressing suing-a-hairdres ser.html

Richard Greis

22nd March 2022



Nq, but cam I ask a question... you say you rushed out before the end of the appointment? Does this not infer that the stylist didn't get to finish the job????

Patricia Sluss

22nd March 2022



Qualified hairdresser if I were you, I would return and ask to speak to the senior stylist and see what she is willing to suggest, this is definitely not a good cut not to mention the colour, I know cuts can look different on different ppl but this is choppy and not blended in at all well, tell them you’re not happy with the cut or the colour, the fact that you took a picture in to show what you wanted should have been enough for the stylist to say she’s not qualified enough to do this cut x

Faith Joshua

22nd March 2022

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Nq but if you are anywhere near Shropshire please get in touch and I will help you with your hair free of charge. I own a salon in Shrewsbury and what they’ve done is disgusting. You must try and get their insurance details they have to provide ir and lodge a claim. This can’t be perceived as a professional job but it may depend if they have the correct indemnity insurance. I’ll be extremly shocked tho if this was performed by a qualified stylist.

Adrian Conner

22nd March 2022



NQ I would get some hairspray/gel and do a lot of styling and it will look a lot better. It won’t look like the picture without product in there. I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong with the cut but it could look much better with some styling. Glad you got half the money back. It will grow very quickly. Don’t get it cut again, wait fir it to grow and don’t ever go back to that place. If you feel really terrible you could try false pony tails/hair pieces until it gets longer. I know how upsetting it can be to have a bad hair cut so I’m just trying to help you make the best of it

Angie Thompson

22nd March 2022

NQ. I’m not a hairdresser at all but learned to hair cut my husband during the lockdown. And what I do as unprofessional looks more professional as you’ve got. I support those who recommend to claim the amount that you need to correct the colour and cut rather than just what you paid.

Juan Stavnes

22nd March 2022

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Law Grad - I would advise having a consultation with your usual stylist to establish what can be achieved to provide you with the result you wanted. This may require two appointments, first to tidy up the current cut, then a second apt to deal with colour and deliver a final product. Hair is very important to people; Equally reputations are important to hairdressers.

Donald Kiernan

22nd March 2022


NQ but I agree with other poster. This should be a corporate complaint based on negligence. You have had to suffer as a result of this and should be compensated. Paying for restyling your hair is not sufficient in view of the distress caused.