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Is it unreasonable to request a refund or compensation for shoddy workmanship?
Could I have some advice please. Apologies for the long post. 31st march picked up my car from mechanic who works from home who fitted new timing belt, water pump and a cam chain. He told me after the repairs car is done all fine and been out in it. So when I picked it up engine light was on the dash. Messaged the mech and he said it'll be fine and needs to bed itself in but fully booked for few days but let him know. Every other day I've been messaging him that it's still on and same response I'll check diary for availability. Then last Sunday he messages asking what day is best for me I replied anyway except tomorrow (monday), no reply didn't read it. Monday night I messaged to say it'll have to be Thurs, Fri or Sat as my own work diary is filling up. No reply. Tuesday whilst driving down m4 car overheated. Left voicemail and sent message. He replied hour or so later to drop ot back round and he'll look at it when he's home. Yesterday (Wednesday) messaged me to say took it out for 30to40miles no overheating and no engine light. Ran full diagnostic. I pick-up the car engine light comes on. I drive it on motorway to see if overheats and it does. Sent him pictures of it. I then check my dashcam, he lifted bonnet up, stared at the engine then drove for 11mins around the village. When I challenged him that I expected the car to have been stripped back down and redone he said spent the night and morning testing and drive it that night and the morning.... only the morning was driven. He can't fit me in until Monday but I need car for work so relying on lifts. I have another garage looking at it tomorrow so what I'm asking is is it unreasonable that I request either my money back or he pays me what the garage will charge?

Dennis Elliott

12th April 2022

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