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Is it usual for insurance companies to ignore letters from a solicitor?
RTC ADVICE PLEASE. Hi all Over 18mths ago I was involved in an RTC. Not my fault, I wasn’t even moving, young lad cut across me going onto a roundabout and hit my car. My car was fixed through my own insurance his is currently up his drive looking very sorry for itself. He decided he was going to chance his luck and put in a claim for personal injury, and his car, blaming me for the collision. His claims company threw it out, he went to another one who also threw it out. 18mths later he’s decided he didn’t want to go down that road anymore and asked his insurance company to ask me if I’d settle 50/50! Well no, that’s not going to happen. Anyway, his insurance company have ignored a letter from my solicitor giving them 14 days to respond or the case will be listed for court. They’ve ignored the letter. My solicitor is now preparing the case for court. Is it usual for insurance companies to behave like this? And what if they ignore the court summons? If judgement is entered against him is it his insurance company that have to pay me my excess back or him? I don’t want £1 a week. Thanks for reading.

William Hanson

24th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ. Why isn’t your insurance dealing with it ?

Dennis Fullerton

24th April 2022

NQ but work in insurance It’s normal and don’t worry about the other side ignoring your representatives Your solicitor has, by the sounds of it, everything in hand although I appreciate it is a daunting process I’d leave it to run it’s course and the result will be whatever the judge decides it will be, if there’s no offer or acceptance from the other side as to their culpability Best of luck

Robin Nowell

25th April 2022

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