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Is it worth pursuing a case against a dissolved company?
My partner bought a 2nd Hand car from a dealer the 9 April but on the 7 May the water pump and head gasket went. Less than a month from purchase. The car has only done 70k miles. There is £500 of warranty but repairs are looking like in the region of £2000. The dealer don't seem to want to help and we have quoted the 2015 consumer act. It appears that the company was voluntarily dissolved on the 12/4/22 but appears to still be trading and advertising via auto trader as a garage. any ideas where we go from here ? As the company is dissolved is there any point in perusing this? I’m looking to write a letter asking them to vehicle at their cost also offering mediation if they feel hrt are not liable. Any advise would be appreciated as we are left with a unroadworthy car which looks like it will cost nearly the purchase price to repair.

John Rawls

17th April 2022

Top Answer
NQ - I believe it is illegal to still trade as a company after dissolving the company. Chem with companies House. They were helpful to me when I stopped a company voluntarily dissolving because I was a creditor still owed money. Screengrab any adverts or evidence they are still trading to send them.

Theresa Punches

17th April 2022

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NQ https:// www.whnsolicitor newsroom/ business/ company-restorat ion-how-do-i-re store-a-dissolv ed-company/

Rogelio Hawkins

17th April 2022

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