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Is the author liable to split the cost of their neighbour's guttering repair?
My neighbour has turned into an angry man over £50. Some background- I sought out 2 quotes, 3rd roofer never showed. Spoke to the neighbours, 2 were fine about it, 3rd was not happy at needing a repair. I mean we’ve only had around 8 or so storms since the last repair was done. There was daylight/possibly water entering my loft space. So anyway I had the roof repaired, going with the cheapest quote and sent each of the other owners a copy of the bill. Angry neighbour starts banging my door and shouting at me that this’ll be the last he contributes for “my roof repair” so I corrected him that it’s “our roof” according to the deeds. All split equally. He kept shouting and intimidating me so I told him to keep his money and asked him to leave. His response to this was to start ranting that he was going to have all his guttering/down pipes replaced and I’d be paying 1/4. I told him I would not be paying until I had checked the deeds and sought advice. As you can imagine angry man didn’t take this very well. I did try to explain that as we’re on opposite sides of the building his guttering only serves that side, not the side I live on and I wasn’t sure I was liable to split costs. So I guess my question is, am I going to have to give this horrible man a share of that bill? I’m in Scotland.

Bernard Burleson

20th October 2021

Top Answer
Having been through a similar issue which thankfully was resolved, you should be aware of the Missing Share Scheme which can mean assistance with essential common work and liabilities placed on the recalcitrant resident. I'm sure someone else will come along with more direct answer

Linda Paulsen

11th February 2022


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