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Is the council correct in singling out the author for storing their bins in their driveway?
Hello I’ve received a community order protection notice from the council requesting I store my bins in the garage or back garden as they are unsightly. These bins are on my drive that I own not on any public area. The council want me to present a transfer of waste notice everytime I go down the tip as I have a non council bin that I keep waste in from rabbits that I take down the tip. I’ve had problems with next door since last year being malicious about mice, hitting the car, and other door have set a few rumours about my family as we have been told to go back to where we came from by many other neighbours Are the council correct in singling me out about placing my bins where no one else is required to. Next door have thrown items onto my property taken pictures and forwarded them on to the council where I’ve received a fine of £60. We are being pressured to sell our house by the antics of the neighbours and very close to doing so. What is anyone else’s advice? Council letter states they will take us to magistrate court if we don’t place our bins where they request.


13th April 2022


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NQ Get cameras asap. Do you own the property? Or rent from the council? If you own it I’m under the impression you don’t have to move them. If you rent from them I’d be inclined to move them to keep the peace. But please get cameras because being fined £60 for your neighbours actions is repulsive and I’m so sorry 😕 Also, it’s your business when you go to the tip. Why on Earth would you need to give them a notice?! 🥴

Leola Wills

13th April 2022

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Nq as Amy said above get cameras fitted. This is really the only evidence you'd have about your neighbour unless there is mobile phone footage. And I would install them when the neighbours aren't there so that they don't see them. I would ask the council why singling you out about the bins

Dennis Elliott

13th April 2022

NQ - agreed it’s time to invest in CCTV. Your local council website should have rules and regulations surrounding the correct storage of refuse bins. I would check that in the first instance. Your bins must fully be able to close at all times, if they are overfilled then this would give cause to issue a CPN as they cover “eyesore rubbish on private land”.

Mildred Andersen

13th April 2022

NQ if you own the property then it would be worth checking any restrictive covenants (I think that’s the right term) that say what you can or more importantly can’t do Examples are things like chickens or livestock and BBQ’s in smokeless zones etc

Robin Nowell

13th April 2022

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