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Is there a maximum amount that a landlord can increase rent?
NQ- My landlord has just informed me that he will be sending me a form 4 - rent increase, I was just wondering if there is any maximum increase rates? I currently pay 525pcm, and that is cheap for the area I’m In, the housing market around my area (for similar sized properties) is around 7/800pcm My question is, can he put it by so much pcm? Is there a cap or anything? I may be worrying over nothing, but I doubt I’d be able to afford that much. If I couldn’t afford it, would the local council be able to help with housing as I’m a single parent who works 28/35hours a week


15th April 2022

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NQ- landlord. Check your tenancy agreement for a rent increase clause. If there is no max % increase then it can be increased as much as the landlord wants. It’s only enforceable by a new tenancy agreement or by S13 giving 1 months notice (S13 can be appealed) https:// england.shelter. housing_advice/ private_renting/ rent_increases

George Cohen

15th April 2022

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