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Is there a time limit for landlords to fix problems in the property?
The title is little bit vague. I apologise for that. I am quite new in the country. Many things are new to me. Also, I do not know the tenancy rules that well. So, I need advice. I signed the tenancy contract through Franklin and James. I have never seen the landlord. Upon moving in, I realised that the boiler is losing its pressure really fast. I needed to add pressure a few times a day in order to keep it 1-1.5 bar. I reported the problem immediately. At the end of that week, I was going to go abroad, so I wrote to them that I will be out of town. Upon returning, I wrote to them again and they sent a person to check things the next week. I mentioned some other problems to the inspector, such as the radiators getting hot even though the central heating is off. I've never used a system like this before so I have no idea if this was a problem or this is how it supposed to work. Anyway, the inspection ended and I wrote an email saying we have found the problems. The person from Franklin and James acknowledged the email and said that that they have received the report and going to forward it to the landlord. This inspection took place on 10th of June. I received the acknowledgement email on 13th. I contacted them again on 24th to ask if there is any development. Received an email on the same day stating that it is on the hand of the landlord and they are going to let me know when they hear anything. 3-4 days ago, the hot water started causing issues. The water is no longer hot. It is warm but not enough to take a shower. Today, I wrote another email stating that problem too. Is there any time limit that a landlord can take to fix things? What are my rights on this? I think it is taking too long for landlord to decide while I need to add pressure everyday, deal with half broken boiler trying live. Also, now there is the hot water problem. Thank you.

Ian Diaz

20th October 2021


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