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Is there a way to find someone's address without paying for a private investigator?
So I’ve been thinking about posting this for a while, not sure why I haven’t…. I need to find the address of my ex husband. He was extremely controlling and abusive and got very angry towards me and our children (aged just 4 and 2) when I “dared” to ask for a divorce in January 2020! He has moved to the other end of the country, changed his name and hopped from job to job just to ensure that he hasn’t paid a penny in child maintenance and so that I cannot find him! He told me in January 2020 that I would never be divorced from him as he wouldn’t allow it! He’s managed to wriggle out of it every single time I’ve tried and here we go again now that I don’t know what his address is! Is there anywhere I can go to legally find his address without paying hundreds for a private investigator? I’m desperate to file for divorce AGAIN but really need his address to serve him! Fingers crossed someone will have the answers! Thanks for reading! 😊


24th April 2022

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