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Is there any chance of success if disputing a rejected Section 75 claim with the financial ombudsman?
Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice regarding a claim under section 75 that was rejected. I bought a second hand car, which I inspected before purchase. On taking it home, I realized the passenger's door lock was not working. There was a slight cosmetic defect, but the car was unlocked by the dealer both times, which didn't make me question its functionality. My claim was rejected because of section 9, subsection 4a "where the consumer examines the goods before the contract is made, which that examination ought to reveal". Now, do I have any chance if I dispute this via the financial ombudsman? I'm still pursuing the dealer directly, but if what the credit card is stating from their view is the end of it, I would be unsure the small claims court would rule differently. Thanks for your input!

Aurora Diga

4th April 2022

Top Answer
Nq but former financial services complaints handler. The thing is, you are not a vehicle engineer or inspector you are a consumer, so can't be reasonably be expected to find issues prior to purchase Firstly write back and register an official complaint using my above point, the issue might then be upheld. If not, yes refer to the financial ombudsman service. You Need to register and get a complaint outcome first. Who gave you that outcome?

Vanessa Boes

4th April 2022

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