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Is there any way to cancel a phone contract after the contract has ended?
My 2 year phone contract ended 5 days ago, the company is now saying that even though it’s the end of the contract I still needed to prove them with 30days notice to end it and so I’m now stuck with it for another 30 days, is there any way out of this?

David Michael

20th March 2022

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NQ but have previous experience in this situation. That is a normal thing to happen and there's no getting out earlier

Wilson Aiken

20th March 2022

Thank you!

David Michael

20th March 2022

NQ- 30 days notice is normal. I’ve never had a phone contract which doesn’t have this. I don’t believe there’s any way around it unfortunately 😊

Ruth Godwin

20th March 2022

Nq but law degree and work for a mobile company. After your 'fixed' term ends thwn I automatically goes to a 30 day rolling contract so yes, if the term has ended its now 30 days. However, if you are planning to go to a new provider and ask for PAC code, then the regulator dictates your old mobile company can only bill you until the date your number moves over. Eg if you go from Tesco to Three on the 15th December then Tesco can only bill until that date. They also must provide a PAC code within 60 seconds of you asking for it. https:// / phones-telecoms- and-internet/ advice-for-consu mers/ costs-and-billin g/switching/ switching-mobile -phone-provider

Angelique Vaness

20th March 2022


NQ. At the end of a fixed term contract you will move onto a 30 day rolling contract automatically. This is standard for all phone contracts.

James Singh

20th March 2022


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