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Is there any way to sue someone and get the money you're owed faster than 40-67 weeks?
Hello all..I wanna ask you a question about something .... hopefully you know a faster solution. Basically i am a electrician and me and like 10 other people did not receive the money..We are all self employed. That guy that must pay us is tell that he got no money and he can't afford to pay.. purely lies . He get all the money..and he is not wily to pay.simple as that. I did open a case in Small Court against him..we did try meditation..nothing good happen since he is willing to pay me 50 pounds per month for 12 months..and he is owning me 3600.On the mediation..after the discussion did not go so well..We can normally go to hearing..whennn..surprise..the fastest possible to go there is between 40 and 67 week s..and this is next damn year. He basically own money like 30k. There is any other way to fix this issue faster? thx


19th April 2022

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