Is there anyone that can give advice on what to do when a school has failed to protect a student from being bullied by another parent? | LawHive - Solicitors & Lawyers Online
Is there anyone that can give advice on what to do when a school has failed to protect a student from being bullied by another parent?
Any advice relating to schools would be appreciated please- My younger brother was threatened by a pupils mother outside the school recently for accusations of him bullying her daughter. My mum spoke to the school who had insisted she report it to the police and had said they would speak to them too as they confirmed that my little brother had not done anything wrong and the mother had got the wrong pupil. My mum said she had no interest in reporting it the police and instead the school had said okay they will just speak to the mum to let them know that she had the wrong child. A week later my brother has now been threatened and abused by the woman’s husband. This has now been reported to the police. Can anyone give advice on whether this matter needs to be addressed with the school? Obviously they have a duty of care for their pupils and they have failed to tell the mother that my brother had nothing to do with any incident, like they promised. Not sure if anyone on here knows whether there are specific people at the school that should be spoken to etc. We have no details of the woman and her husband so have no way of contacting her and the only option is via the school. I am extremely concerned for my brothers safety as he is 11 years old getting abused by a fully grown man whilst walking out of the school gate. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


21st March 2022

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NQ, this is very serious and it was right thing to report it to the police. Definitely report to to the school. To the head teacher and the pastoral office if the have one. Phone the school and follow up with an email. I hope it gets sorted asap.

Betty Pavone

21st March 2022

Nq but parent having to deal with schools. Email head teacher and copy in head of governors. governors are more responsible for protection and if governors involved issue has to be dealt with and recorded for ofsted..emailin g teacher or even head doesn't necessarily mean it will be documented. Good luck.

Lenore Wills

21st March 2022

NQ- I feel for you. Have you tried talking to the parents? If I heard a boy at school was bullying my daughter I would confront the boy so you can see why it's happened. Good luck

Tony Murray

21st March 2022

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NQ the school should be doing something about it on the grounds of safeguarding your child as its on their site.

Yvonne Henry

21st March 2022

NQ -if you get nowhere, put something in writing to the Chair of governing body, they’re ultimately responsible for the school.

Linda Dodson

21st March 2022

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