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Is there anything that can be done about kids riding quad bikes loudly around an estate?
Hi everyone, I was visiting a friend today, sitting in the garden, and this horrific noise kept circling the estate. It was a couple of kids on a quad bike that sounded like a squadron of faulty lawn mowers. It was about 7pm at night, and my friend had just got her baby down to sleep and her husband was sleeping as he was due to start a 16 hour shift at the hospital. Needless to say this quad bike caused quite a disturbance. She said it happens at least a few times a month and they've not been able to catch up to the riders as they go past so quickly. The noise is horrendous. Spoke with some of her neighbors while I was there, and they are finding it annoying too. One of them suggested involving the police, but I don't think they'd be willing to do anything. So I thought I'd ask here first... Is there anything that can be done about this? I doubt the bike is insured and there are a lot of cars parked on the road and children playing in the area too, so I fear it's only a matter of time until someone or something gets hurt. I know there's no law about noise at 7pm, but if you heard this sound of this's unearthly! Any advice would be great, thanks.

Diane Lang

20th October 2021

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Top Answer
Perhaps it would fall under anti-social behaviour at least. When you say whizzing around the estate, is this on the road or across grassed areas and footpaths too?

Felicia Daniel

11th February 2022

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