Is there anything that can be done if a company has left a person's plumbing in an abysmal state and has seriously breached the Consumer Rights Act 2015, but the company has gone bust? | Lawhive - Solicitors & Lawyers Online
Is there anything that can be done if a company has left a person's plumbing in an abysmal state and has seriously breached the Consumer Rights Act 2015, but the company has gone bust?
England Hello, I'd really appreciate any and all advice, opinions, experiences etc as this is massively important. (Very) long story short a plumbing company has left our plumbing (stack and wastewater pipes) in an abysmal state and have seriously breached the Consumer Rights Act 2015. This isn't just a leaky pipe, it's basically criminal. The person I was dealing with (I believe him to be one of the directors listed for the company) has finally begun responding to me only to say that the company went bust. He also says that since the two guys who actually did the work were 'contractors' (he said they recieved the payment minus the company's 'fee'), I should take it up with them. He will 'try to find' me the number, but that won't really lead anywhere. Is there anything I can do? I plan to call Citizen's Advice again as they've been helping me but I haven't much hope so I thought I'd ask here. I'm also thinking about reporting it to the police/Action Fraud, but not sure how much that will help. Is there anyone that could check/investigate if the company truly is dissolved? It would not be a surprise at all if it's just a lie. The only info about them online is on Companies House, but even the address listed there is false. Is there any recourse if the company really is bust? Thanks for reading and for any comments. This is really bad and all this time I thought it would be fine once I go down the legal route but alas, another spanner in the works. I'm 21 years old and live my 82 year old Grandma. On Tuesday she fell and broke her hip, and now she has to come home to not only all this, but the fact that getting it fixed is (seemingly) going to be extremely difficult. I thought that once I got through and got a real address that I could fix this but now I feel helpless. Thanks.

Bruce Jefferson

20th October 2021


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First things first, I'd check the actual status of the company on Companies House. If they're filing to be struck off the register, you can contest it.

Samuel Mason

11th February 2022

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You need to check companies house for the status of the company, when you have that, come back. The address on Companies House is the registered office, not necessarily their trading address. Often, the registered office is their company accountants address, so do a google search on the address and see what comes up. If the company has gone bust you can try to approach the subbies but if not, ignore the subbies as the issue is the companies problem, as that’s who you contracted with. Shoddy workmanship is generally a trading standards & Building Regs issue not police/AF, so you should start there. If the company has gone bust there’ll be nothing they can do.

Debbie Carrillo

11th February 2022


Another note, if your agreement was with the plumbing company, it doesn't matter whether or not he outsourced the work to contractors. It's still the company's responsibility.

Anne Ruiz

11th February 2022


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