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Is there anything that can be done to speed up the process of getting a HGV license after being prescribed medication?
I wonder if anyone can help me. I applied for my HGV last year, i done my medical all was ok but as I'm prescribed medication from the doctor they had to check up with my doctor who then told them that i was alcohol dependent which is from a phone call 2 and a half years ago when i told him i was having 4 cans every now and again to help me sleep. So he said he didnt know if it had changed, so DVLA then revoked my licence. I have chang ed doctors since and they said theres nothing on my medical records to result in me loosing my licence and now I'm stuck waiting for them to decide whether I'm fit to drive. Is there anything i can do to speed it up? I have recently done blood tests to show I'm clear with my doctor.

Hazel Sanchez

21st April 2022

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NQ If it’s the DVLA medical team that have revoked your license then unfortunately you will be waiting a while. They have huge backlogs at the moment and if you manage to get through via phone or online chat you are normally told that you are unable to speak to the medical team directly and there’s not much more you can do. My husband had his medical about 5 months ago but I’ve seen many others still waiting from last year. According to a article I read they had over 900,000 unopened mail at one point from the pandemic they’ve since managed to get it down to approximately 300,000 it’s shocking and a lot of people have lost jobs because they’ve needed a license to drive. I hope 🤞🏼 you manage to sort it soon. Try giving them a call as soon as the open hopefully they might have some answers.

Isabelle Smith

21st April 2022

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21st April 2022

Driving Instructor- your licence has been revoked because the medical team have concerns about your previous drinking levels. It seems they’ve revoked under ‘misuse’ which in DVLA terms is regularly drinking more than 6 units in a single session. If they have decided you are alcohol dependent, then you have a much tougher hill to climb. They will want you to prove abstinence for an extended period. You will have some hoops to jump through. It may be worth getting your current GP to write to the DVLA with up to date info. Unfortunately, they do look at drinking levels going back a good few years, and if a doctor doesn’t have up to date info, they can only supply out of date info. Hopefully your latest blood test will go some way towards helping you, but I would be asking for regular blood tests (every 3 months or so) from your GP until this is resolved so there is evidence on file.

Steve Josephs

21st April 2022

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