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Is there anything that can be done to stop a company from distributing fake COVID test results within the UK?
Just wondering if there’s anything I can do to report a company who I believe is distributing fake COVID test results within the UK. I booked a PCR test with 24 hour turnaround with a company called DAM Health. Ended up cancelling this test as my trip abroad no longer required evidence of one for me to enter the country. Cancellation made. Didn’t turn up for the test. Got my money back minus the admin fee. Night of the supposed test, I received an email saying my result is negative. Attached was a ‘certificate’ with all of my details + a QR code which links to the company website to certify that my result was negative. This is of course a bogus result, as I never turned up for the test, but in the event of a test actually being taken, would my result be the same? Just doesn’t seem right at all. Their social media (namely Instagram) is filled with comments from people saying that they haven’t received their results at all, post test. One expressing the same ‘fake’ result as myself. Is there anything I can do to stop these people from potentially scamming others? Edit: The company can be found on the Department of Health & Social care website, under their ‘List of general COVID-19 testing providers’.

Paul Rivera

25th September 2021



Top Answer
Report to trading standards?

Robert Joseph

26th January 2022



Are they a provider listed on the .gov website?! Id agree this is a trading standarfs matter.

Andrew Thomas

26th January 2022



Going by your comment that loads of people aren't getting results, it sounds just as likely that they've mixed you up with someone else. And that someone else doesn't have their result. Which isn't really any better. I'm not entirely sure who would be best to approach, possibly yourn ocal NHS Trust as it's health related, and certainly a letter to your local MP.

Donna Valentine

26th January 2022



You should report them to the Department of Health and Social Care both directly and via your MP.

Sharon Long

26th January 2022



As coronavirus tests are medical devices, you can [report it to the MHRA](, the medicines and healthcare products regulatory authority.

Dan Davenport

26th January 2022



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