Is there anything that can be done to stop an ex-partner from harassing the person they cheated on, who has moved on? | LawHive - Solicitors & Lawyers Online
Is there anything that can be done to stop an ex-partner from harassing the person they cheated on, who has moved on?
My son split from his partner of 2 years a few months ago after she cheated. He has met someone else and recently she has been receiving messages on snapchat supposedly from my son, she knew it wasn't him as they were together at the time. He was quite sure it was his ex as she knew his passwords. Anyone skip a couple of weeks and she is now contacting her on messenger being quite abusive and claiming my son is hacking her, he's not, he's moved on and happy. I asked her to politely leave them alone and just got a stream of abuse back. Today her boyfriend again contacted his girlfriend to say they were calling the police on my son because yesterday morning at 10am my son was stood outside his house. My son was in class at Uni at that time and besides which has no idea where this lad lives. We are keeping all the messages but it is really affecting my son. He suffers with severe anxiety and also has autism so he is struggling to cope and understand why she is doing this. Is there anything we can do to stop her and her boyfriend contacting my son and his girlfriend? Sorry for the long post.

Arthur Kaminsky

18th March 2022

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Nq. I would change all my passwords on social media platforms. Contact the ex and tell her you wish not to be contacted as it is causing alarm and distress to him and his new partner. If she still pursues contact with him then I'd phone the police and get her arrested for Harassment. From the top of my head I think anymore then 3 messages without reply is classed has Harassment. Hope your son is OK 👌

Mariko Barlow

18th March 2022


NQ- change all passwords on social media. Block the ex etc on his phone. If that’s not working, change his number & set up new accounts.

George Cohen

18th March 2022

Nq but law degree. Keep everything and contact the police about non molestation order. Have your son change passwords on everything she may be able to access, such as bank, emails, providers and mobile phone. Also have you so speak to his doctor about how this is affecting him and ensure he is getting the correct support

Angelique Vaness

18th March 2022

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Police - record everything in a diary. Your son has nothing to worry about he was in class. If the police attend make sure he files an allegation of harassment. There is already enough for a course of conduct by her. Close all social media accounts and get new ones. Change his number. A pain but worth it. Don’t contact them that’s what they want to fuel a fight/ allegation. Ensure you register that he is autistic as he’ll class as a vulnerable adult given extra support etc and you can be with him. Same if he gets arrested if she makes false allegations as it’s not registered and he may not say he’s entitled to have an appropriate adult with him

Amy Walker

18th March 2022


NQ report to police, it's important for every incident to be recorded. Only two similar incidents are counted as harrassment

Betty Pavone

18th March 2022


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