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Is there anything the OP can do about the kids on the street that have started kicking her door?
this might be totally ridiculous, but is there anything I can do about the kids on the street? it started with just a simple knock-a-door-run (or whatever your area/region calls it). Now its gone to full on kicking the door. the door is starting to get a crack in it. As far as I'm aware, it seems to be us targeted for some reason. we're friendly with our neighbours, but we don't particularly get on with them. left side has 10 children and 4 dogs, and constantly bangs around and is just extremely loud and noisy at all hours of the day. on the right side, they have 3 children and 2 dogs, and she leaves her dogs outside 24/7 so whenever we take our fog out, they bark at him. its just me (25f) and my mum (51f) and dog, who is extremely quiet who live here. we keep to ourselves, don't cause any bother, and 99% of the time, theres someone in the house, so I know my dog isnt a bother with anyone. its just getting to the point where i dont feel safe in this house. I'm classed as disabled and i cant really leave the house. this is my only place of sanctuary, and theyre taking it from me.


20th April 2022



Top Answer
NQ You could get a ring doorbell to record it happening so you have evidence.

Kathy Gatewood

20th April 2022



NQ, it's a tiktok thing for them to kick doors and run away. If you know who's kids they are have a word with the parents and the school. Tbh I don't think the police or council will do much

James Mullins

20th April 2022


NQ I would get a ring camera inside your house and put the sticker they send on your front door. Point the camera so it only records the path to your front door and the door. I bet it stops most of it. Plus you then have evidence if you need it. I wouldn't get the ring doorbell camera as that's external and they could ruin it to stop you filming

Jeanne Metts

20th April 2022



NQ yea it’s definitely a TikTok thing 🙄 someone my son goes to school with did it to a house and basically kicked the door in by mistake unfortunately for his parents they had a ring door bell so had proof it was him and was given a £700 bill for a new door 🤷‍♀️ definitely get a camera door bell

Joan Handley

20th April 2022



NQ is it definitely the neighbours kids doing it. can you approach the parents to as them to speak to them ? Get a ring doorbell or record them doing it, are their homes their own or do they rent, if they rent definitely complain to the landlord and keep a log

Erica Aquino

20th April 2022

NQ: you can report noise disturbances to council. A dog barking for more then an hour in total a day and before 8am and after a certain time is Can be reported . Check your council though

William Fletcher

20th April 2022


NQ going on your land you’ll find in civil so the police do nothing but causing damage is criminal & the police can take action but you’ll need evidence get cctv put in you can buy a system quite cheaply snd install it yourselves it anyone you’ll know who can drill. Talk to your housing people.

William Wheeler

20th April 2022

NQ If they have damaged your door then it is a matter for the police, keep contacting them until they do something, complain to the Sargent if needs be or go higher, don't stop until you get help, they are paid to help the public. Also the council have a duty to you, ask them about anti social team or anything else they have in place, you have a right to a peaceful and safe life in your home. get as many agencies involved as you can until the parents are aware the misery their kids are causing. https:// crimestoppers-uk .org/ keeping-safe/ community-family / antisocial-behav iour?gclid=CjwK CAjwkMeUBhBuEiw A4hpqEBo4s9QZA5 N_VjKSOqDPqZWaO 28XTSq79FieeQ2v FVhqH7NYdbUlSBo CupkQAvD_BwE

Millicent Lopez

20th April 2022

NQ. This would be classified as Antisocial behaviour. Here is an organisation that could help https://

Cathy Choe

20th April 2022

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NQ If you speak to your local PCSO they can usually help with this.

George Schwieger

20th April 2022

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