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Should the author also log the incident with the police, since the other driver refused to give his details?
Earlier today I was Parked up in school car park waiting for my daughter to finish school. My engine was off with handbrake on. I was just sat there waiting when I felt a Jolt and the car moved forward. Looked behind and a taxi had reversed into me. I got out and said you've just hit my car. He was like oh have I. I'm like yes. He gets out looks and says it's ok there's no damage. I said you've still hit my car. I can't see about damage cuz your still bumper to bumper with my car. He still was adamant it was fine and got back in his car. Sat there and didn't even bother to move his car away whilst it was still in contact with my vehicle. Didn't give me his details as he said he didn't too but I got his reg. No apology no nothing. Phoned the company he works for. They know which driver it is and said someone would phone me back within the hour to take more details. No call. I'll phone them again tomorrow. I will be logging the incident with my insurance company and giving the registration. For the car to jolt forward like it did and him not know he'd hit me I think something needs to be done. Should I also log with the police as he wouldn't give his details?

Donald Root

2nd April 2022



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NQ is there any damage to your car?

Ronald Win

2nd April 2022

NQ is there damage to your car that requires the involvement of insurers? If I were you I would be wary of reporting to insurers unnecessarily as it could affect your premium next year. The police will not be interested

Leon Greenough

2nd April 2022



NQ if no damage I wouldn’t bother telling your insurance cus it will go down as a no fault claim wether you claim or not happened to me so wouldn’t bother and affects your insurance premiums

Bart Lovelock

2nd April 2022



Damage I can't see anything on outside but could have caused Damage that you can't see. I had a car written off before for something similar. No obvious damage to look at but was damage behind the bumper etc. The car jolted and moved forward when he hit even with handbrake on. I was really shaken up especially as I've only had the car 2wks. It's on finance.

Donald Root

2nd April 2022

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NQ. I would 100% get a local garage check your vehicle over as behind the bumpers there’s clips and other integral parts of the chassis structure safety which you wouldn’t see are damaged by a quick external “look over”

Rene Flores

2nd April 2022



NQ- I understand why you want him to take responsibility but remember if you report it then it’s YOUR insurance that may well go up significantly for many years to come. Even if you don’t make any claim. This may well not be fair but unfortunately it’s the truth.

Christine Burt

2nd April 2022


Police: you can complete a self reporting form on your police forces website. They’ll be all the information you need to know around the technicalities of reporting too.

Ricky Allen

2nd April 2022


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