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Should the individual give their PIN code to the police?
I went in the police station to report a crime , and they arrested me saying that they had been looking for me for over a year , and I had no clue that I was wanted , the reason I was a arrested was because of an accusation that I breached a restraining order , but I didn’t , so they had not evidence and they took my phone and let me go , 3 months later they called me asking for my pin code , i thought the police had a device that hacks phone , but the can’t even get past a four digit pin code , British police 😒, should I give it to them ? , my instincts is telling me not to trust the police because they are not your friends , they will get you done for anything , ?


25th March 2022

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Admin If you have nothing to hide then it’s easy to give the code, failure to give the code opens the potential for obstruction charges

David Peterson

25th March 2022

Nq - 3 months later for a pin code? If there's nothing to hide then just give them the pin, you could have easily blocked the phone and remotely wiped it in that time anyway. Did they have a reason you was "wanted" for so long without being arrested? Had you moved address in that time or did they just not bother to come and talk to you?

Sylvia Mcfadden

25th March 2022

Nq have a look at S49 RIPA. If you don’t and they follow a process you can get upto 2 years jail for not disclosing the pin. No doubt they will argue they have tried to use tech to get past it and it’s now reasonable for a court to force you to disclose it.

Lori Messenger

25th March 2022


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