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Should the person get a solicitor for their court case?
Motoring offence- I did a silly thing in June and drove the wrong way back up a slip road for the m1 as there was an accident and it had been closed, I was met by a highways officer and I drove around them. Stressful time at home and with disabled kids I couldn't wait for hours hence what I did. Stupid and careless yes I know. Anyway got the letter, admitted it was me, also had a voluntary interview at police station where I could see the evidence and put across my points. I have only just received a letter saying I have been summoned to court for next month. I had a solicitor present at interview. Do I go to court on my own or employ the solicitor to help? I know what the consequences could be but if I get banned it would mean lack of job and then I wouldn't be able to get my boys to hospital appointments. So question is would I look better going on my own or should I get a solicitor? Thank you.


14th March 2022

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NQ - I would get a solicitor hopefully they can present your mitigating circumstances well

Daniel Esperon

14th March 2022

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NQ What’s the offence you’re charged with?

Carmella Cedeno

14th March 2022

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