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Should the person who is worried about the photos being uploaded online report the situation to the police?
My uncle while waiting at the bus stop was observing the school where his 6 yo son is. At one point a teenage girl (\~15yo) asked him what he is doing, when my uncle responded that it's not her business she went all accusatory of him, calling him a pervert and taking photos with her phone, while making big fuss about it. There were other people waiting at this bus stop too. I am worried that she might upload these photos online, should I report this situation to the police?

Gayle Heinzen

2nd October 2021



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No reason why you should, but your uncle can if he wants. It’s unlikely to achieve anything, unless your uncle is unfortunate enough to be targeted by idiotic vigilantes.

Tanesha Mathey

31st January 2022



He should go into the school, or call them to let them know one of their students harassed him while he was waiting outside for his son.

George Turner

31st January 2022



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Alfred Blews

31st January 2022

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Encourage your uncle to report it. But I think the comments should be /locked

Billie Breeden

31st January 2022



Firstly go and report to the police or call 101, in case they get anything come in from the kid (not likely tbh). Then go to the primary school and explain what happened, in case they get wny reports about him. If the girl was in school uniform then he should find out what one it is, then drop an email or call up the head teacher to let them know that their pupils are harassing the public. Maybe check on the local "spotted: (wherever you live)" page on Facebook, and also any other community pages, and report to the admins or support team on there.

Jean Ross

31st January 2022



To be honest I’d go to the school so they can look into the girl, she might be being/been abused so I overcompensating for it. Isn’t an excuse for acting like that to a random guy but could be the reason

Vaughn Hinshaw

31st January 2022



Welcome to the new world, where innuendo is just as incriminating as evidence...

Kristie Dillon

31st January 2022



I think it's only when it comes to the uploading and defamation that would accompany it that she would stray into illegal conduct. I think it's worth reporting to 101 since our legal code is incredibly loose on hate crime this could technically be a 'hate incident' especially if she called him something like 'a dirty old man'. I don't think in a month of Sundays she would have done this to a woman so he could argue this was a hate crime based on his gender identity. 'The Police and CPS have formulated a definition of hate crimes and hate incidents, with hate speech forming a subset of these. Something is a hate incident if the victim or anyone else think it was motivated by hostility or prejudice based on: disability, race, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.' The joys of modern legal code being based on perception rather than tangible fact.

Michael Wheeler

31st January 2022



I think in fairness it might have been wise for your uncle to have just stated why he was there, just to save hassle. I personally would make a note with times and details but not report it as it will most likely blow over.

Charles Pierce

31st January 2022



Unfortunately not illegal to take unwanted photos of a person in a public place BUT malicious communications act would cover doxing your against uncle or similar social media posts that maliciously target him.

Larry Gamboa

31st January 2022