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What are a parent's options when their child's neighbor is keeping their balls and being mean to them?
Need some advice please and was hoping it wouldn’t come to this. Moved house in September to a house with a lovely big garden as we have two children who live, breath and sleep football. They play out most evenings after school and take shots at each other with the ball to the goal. Both play in teams so have a canny right foot on them and are practicing to get the balls in the top corners and from time to time- the balls go over in to the neighbour a crosses garden. (Shared fence) The boys who are 6 and 8 are polite anytime they see her and say “excuse me- I’m really sorry my ball went over, please can we have it back” and she either ignores them and is just plain rude to them or says mean things to them and they now say they are frightened of her. I had a polite word last week and said I was sorry for the ball going over- but they are children and they literally land on her grass- not her windows or her plants. She basically wasn’t pleasant and said we should send the kids to a field to play football or watch them at all time in the garden which is completely unrealistic. They are not old enough to go out alone and they are in a safe space in their garden. She is now basically keeping their balls and has hidden them or thrown them away. (For context they are premier league balls and not cheap footballs!) For further context- she has 3 big overgrown trees/bushes ans a rose bush that comes right over into ours that I had no issue with prior however if she’s going to keep their balls and be mean to 2 children- then she’s leaving me little choice but to ask her to cut them down which I suggested last week when she got mean with me and yet still hasn’t done anything about it. Tonight- my eldest asked her nicely- “excuse me, please can we have our ball back about 5 times and she completely blanked him. Do I have any rights here or do I just literally not allow my kids to play football in the garden which seems ridiculous. Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading of you got this far. ☺️

Katherine Weal

23rd April 2022



Top Answer
NQ. I would get annoyed with footballs constantly coming into my garden tbh. Not sure what advice you’re asking for your boys can play football wherever they like your neighbour can’t stop them. Maybe ask the kids to be a bit more careful ?

Shirley Smith

23rd April 2022



NQ law student- have you looked into netting to cover your garden? Having balls constantly kicked into her garden is clearly causing her a nuisance and if anyone is in the wrong I’d say it would be you. You have a duty of care to ensure the balls stay in your own garden, by whatever means that is. You can only trim the bushes that come onto your property, then offer the cuttings back to her. You can’t cut any of them that are on her property.

Mabel Dodge

23rd April 2022



NQ not sure much you can do about the return of balls. Re her over grown plants you can legally cut them back to the boundary just ensure to offer her the cuttings. Is it not possible to heighten the fence with some netting or something which would stop balls going over? Locally a lot of gardens have a really high netting as they back onto a cricket field and greenhouses etc can be at risk.

Carlos Huddle

23rd April 2022



NQ - This happened to my son playing football in a little park next to my house, the older lady in the house behind me refused to give him his ball back and was very rude! Our neighbours son is a police officer and was off duty said that she needed to hand the ball back as it wasn’t her property. After an hour she gave it back. I would rather kids playing football and balls being kicked in my garden by accident and having well polite kids asking for their balls back than living next to kids that just don’t give a thought and just trash everything. Sometimes people forget what it’s like to be kids and just want to moan.

Mark Pettit

23rd April 2022



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