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What are a tenant's rights in regards to their belongings if their landlord disposes of them?
Hi, hoping for advice on private renting. My landlord is constantly requesting we pay additional costs such as electricity (this only started when the price of it hiked) and cleaning (despite our cleaner being gone for a month with covid and we were not informed nor was the cost deducted from our rent) all with no proof, I have asked and they have told me there is no proof for bills due to data protection/the provider not supplying bills. They have also disposed of my property. This is because they left rubbish in our gardens for 6 months, and tried to cover their tracks by getting rid of it while disposing of my large canvas frame. It was left outside due to me being away and my parents possibly picking it up, it was away from the rubbish and beside my bike by the rack. I was constantly told there was no frame and when they finally sent a photo of the rubbish it is there in clear view, the letting agent then proceeded to lie and say this was cardboard for an appliance from another property! I expressed this and now the landlord is refusing to reimburse me for my belongings, I’ve tried contacting people for help and I can’t call CA due to my working hours, can some one please help? Thanks

Timothy Glover

24th April 2022

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