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What are an employee's rights when accused of bullying in the workplace in England?
Hello, I have been accused of bullying in the workplace and have a meeting tomorrow for an hour between two and three. I have it with three seniors, my line manager, my team supervisor and the head of my department. I am in shock. I honestly thought I was very close and friendly with lots of people. Naturally, I complain about the odd thing such as when the systems ar down, or when It is slow (sorry guys!), Or maybe that some people go out for extra breaks. But I honestly can't think of much as I try my best to be kind to everyone after being bullied at school and having a hard time coming out as gay. I also have bad mental health problems regarding my anxiety and am currently taking treatment in anti depressants and CBT. Work know about this and sending me an email just after I finished and logged back on to do overtime has made me pretty distressed. What are my rights? To be honest i hate the job and think it would motivate me to find something more inspriing, but at the same time i have a young daughter I need to support so it is not ideal. Any advice is great (I am in finance and only go into the office twice a week) England

Richard Dugas

20th October 2021

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