What are the best ways to stop my ex-partner from falsely reporting me to the police and using the civil justice system to abuse and control me? | Lawhive - Solicitors & Lawyers Online
What are the best ways to stop my ex-partner from falsely reporting me to the police and using the civil justice system to abuse and control me?
I am sorry to post again. However the advice given here is priceless when your in such an awful situation. Any advice on my options and which may help me the most. My ex partner and I split up two years ago. He has sent flowers and cards, letters, emails. I am now aware that he has falsely reported me to the police a total of four times and he is also using the civil justice system as a way to abuse and coercively control me also now with a total of six individual small money claims against me. Two days ago we went to court and i was able to get a ccj (due to him) set aside thanks to everyone’s help in this group. However yesterday exactly 24 hours on from the hearing, after being advised by the judge he has made another claim for a total of one pence. Ive spoken to the police on a few occasions yet never been brave enough to take it further in terms of getting something done about harassment and coercive control. Each time they don’t seem to be bothered that although he’s using the civil side to abuse me it is actually a form of harassment. I have also spoken to someone who I was referred to by the police who told me because I’m not in immediate danger that I don’t qualify for a non molestation order. I also have no proof but know that my ex partner sent someone into my new partners place of work to try and intimidate us both. Any suggestions or advice to get each system to listen to me and either put injunctions or orders in place for this to stop happening to me. This is effecting my mental health beyond words and I feel like I’m trapped and controlled by this man. Thanks in advance xx

Justin Mikrot

10th March 2022



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NQ non molestation order is something you raise yourself with the courts. The judge decided not the police. Sounds like the odds are stacked in your favour as he is harassing you, also wasting court time with frivolous behaviour. Nothing stopping you from filing one. Don't be put off x

Alvin Franzoni

10th March 2022

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NQ (Sister in ED) It may be worth contacting an organisation like Women’s Aid who will have resources to advise about circumstances like this. It might also be worth having an initial appointment with a solicitor (often free) to seek advice relating to measures which can be taken to prevent harassment. The police will also have a specific person, perhaps not at your local station, with experience of coercive control etc

Jeannine Auten

10th March 2022



NQ. Sorry to hear what you are going through. Definitely would recommend you contact Women’s aid for advice. They are brilliant and will guide you through everything (legalities included) that you are experiencing. I would also suggest you look up local woman’s domestic abuse charities as they will often be able to provide you with face2face support. If you put in your postcode on this site it will bring up organisation’s near you that could support. https:// www.womensaid.or g.uk/ domestic-abuse-d irectory/ Wishing you all the best xx

Alice Michael

10th March 2022

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NQ The courts can decide that he's misusing the court system and place a vexatious litigant (civil restraint order) on him which means he needs permission to open any court case. Sample advice available by searching the internet.

Violette Long

10th March 2022

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NQ I wrote to you about all this last week, including vexatious litigation

Rogelio Hawkins

10th March 2022

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