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What are the laws about withholding property from previous tenants?
Hi all Just wondered where I stand with regards to An ex landlord. Myself and my ex partner lived in a rented house. We split and I left. She was served notice and left (all this happened whilst we weren’t on talking terms) since she left she has told me she forgot about all of our belongings and keepsakes etc that were stored in the loft. Landlord is ignoring all Messages from Us both with regards to getting them back. Estate agents just say they will speak with landlord. I messaged him again last week asking when we can collect Our things and he has ignored it. What would my next step be, if any? Surely there are laws about withholding property from Previous tenants ? Tia x

Sandra Maring

29th March 2022

Top Answer
NQ landlord. Landlord is only obliged to keep belongings for so long then within rights to dispose of them. Courtesy would be to let you know if that’s what’s happened.

Julio Egger

29th March 2022

NQ landlord - if you or your partner didn't give the prescribed notice you may also be liable for ongoing rent and possible storage fees.

Tony Murray

29th March 2022

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