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What are the legal implications of a husband who walks out and refuses to pay half the mortgage or loan?
7 month old 2 year old together Married June 2021 Mortgage together £6,000 Tesco loan in both our names My husband walked out and left me, he has been cheating behind my back. He is now refusing to pay half the mortgage or loan where do I stand with this. He is saying that we should sell the house however my argument is our mortgage is so cheap £560 a month that I'm never going to be able to afford to rent somewhere. Where do I stand with this? I'm currently a childminder and earn £550 a month this is the most I can earn as I look after our two children aswell and I can only have 3 under 5 year olds, then I've had to put a claim in for universal credit. When he lived here he paid all the Bill's and food and then my money would be our spending money. So far he has been coming back to the house to see the girls on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after work and every other weekend he has them on Saturday at his parents house and Sunday he comes back to the house. He has now been and brought car chairs so want to take them back to his parents but I personally think this is alot of back and forth for them whilst they are so young. My 7 months old is still breastfed every 3 hours so when he has them for the day on Saturday I pop back to his parents and feed her but i feel like doing this 2 days in a row is so unfair on my daughter when she still needs me. Where do I stand with this? I just dont know how to go about this whilst he is still be friendly ish and allowing me back in the house to feed her.


14th April 2022


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NQ. I was in a similar position in 2019. Only difference was loan in his name and my sons 10 weeks old/4. If you can afford to continue paying do it. Priority is the house but both if possible. I was lucky to be in the position that I could take the mortgage on myself but only if he gave up most of his equity. His choice was this or house not to be sold til boys were 18. You have some protection under mersher. As he has chosen to leave the family home, you are married and have children. Get yourself a 30 min free appointment at a solicitor but I’m sure they’ll advise the same as they did to me. Also he was only allowed to have my youngest 3 hours at a time as I was breastfeeding. Do what feels right for the children. There js no right or wrong answer but also stand your ground even though it feels like you don’t have the strength. Don’t let this take away from your time to bond with baby either. Set a routine and stick to it. Having him coming to the house to see kids whilst your there will only prolong the hurt. Trust me. Best to have contact at a neutral point if possible. Side note. It sucks to go through this but things do get better. Hope that helps

Dick Hutching

14th April 2022



NQ, I went through something similar, But you won’t necessarily have to sell until the children are out of full time education, around 18 I had a lot of help From CAB too

Margaret Townes

15th April 2022

NQ- my understanding is that if you are breastfeeding then he really needs to make very reasonable visits that fully fit in with you. Can you talk to a a family solicitor about it? Some do 30 mins for free. Do you or anyone in the family have access to a legal advice line This is sometimes offered by insurance or an employer etc. Good luck

Christine Burt

15th April 2022

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